Dear Editor:

What if you lived in a Province that was home to a wild resource considered possibly the greatest on the entire planet?

What if this resource attracted the best fishermen from all over the world … fishermden with names like Hemmingway and Tolstoy?

What if this resource pumped big bucks into our Province… each and every year?

What if this resource had dwindled to record low numbers resulting in the first two closures in the history of this world famous fishery?

What if this resource attracted these “annual fishing tourists” to the tiny rural community of Spences Bridge in the interior of British Columbia?

Therein lies the rub…

The wild Thompson River steelhead have been featured on covers of magazines, books and magazines from around the world which have sung the praises of this magnificent fish… letters by the hundreds have been written to every Environment Minister in B.C. for the last twenty years.

Still the Steelhead dwindle… a permanent closure seems closer than ever.

What if this river ran through Victoria?

What if this river ran through Vancouver?

I’ll tell you what if…

I wouldn’t be writing this right now because something would have been done long ago to help this precious, invaluable and sadly, largely ignored trophy.

A trophy that our Province, “in the distant past”, has showcased to the world.

What if someone in government stood up and made a difference?

What if our new Environment Minister took a new look at a very old issue?

What if our children and grandchildren could experience the thrill of a lifetime … an up close and personal encounter with a wild Thompson River Steelhead?

What if?

Steven W. Rice

Spences Bridge, BC