Cancer patients and survivors can get moving for free through the end of the year at Akasa Collective.

Teacher Vicki Strom is putting on free yoga classes on Tuesdays from 6-7p.m. until Dec. 22, accepting all ages and abilities.

“It’s a real array of people,” said Strom about the classes she teaches. “I would think the youngest person is probably in their thirties, and the oldest is probably in their seventies.”

Strom said that she uses different exercises to allow for a good, yet healthy, workout for each of her clients.

“I use a lot of modifications for people that are older…you’re never pressured into having to do a pose, or if you’re doing it for a certain amount of time.”

The first part of Strom’s classes is called ‘the witness practice”, which is all about mindfulness.

“It’s an observing practice, where you observe your whole body…you do a body scan, you do an emotional scan, you do a thought scan.”

She added that this is especially important when you have, or have had cancer, because you can become especially disconnected.

“You’re at the clinic, you’re at the doctor, you’re getting your chemotherapy, and you start just becoming defined by what your cancer is. And you forget who you are. You can stop thinking and connecting to your body.”

Poses in the class range from static poses, to moving ones, to ones that involve weights.

For those with cancer, movement can be a struggle. Yoga classes can be a very effective way to once again get the circulatory system moving.

Since there is a limit of eight people in each class, one needs to register by calling Strom at 604-339-0982, or emailing [email protected].

The program is being brought forward by the Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary.